Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Being safe underwater

Are you being safe underwater...? Too be safe you gonna need to swim 200 meters. Every year thousands of people die drowning. In New Zealand 97 people die frowning in 2008 So it’s really important that people go swimming lessons and learn the basics.

In summer people like going to the beach its because its free dont need to pay and these no life guards. The only thing is, sharks will eat them and the water is dirty. Now a days people go swimming lessons so they won’t drown.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sebastian Sound

This is me and my groups first attempt at explaining sound.

Like many terms in science, Sound is formed from a vibration and from mechanical waves. in everyday use, sound refers to what the ear can hear. Sound can be pleasant unpleasant hard or soft high or low. The scientific meaning of sound is based on an understanding interaction between matter and energy, what the brain hears of sound or interprets gets its start from the energy of moving molecules of air.

When a guitar string  vibrates energy comes from vibrations. these oscillating sound waves can move through substances like water dirt or solid rock.

I don't really know if it's entirely true but it's what I heard.

When I find out a bit more I will tell you.