Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Different types of Empathy

Empathy is a ability to sence other people's feelings. Scientist researched on how to show empathy. By showing empathy is helping people if they feel lonely.

People identify that scenting is a good way because someone could act enthusiasm but in the inside they feel sad and insecure.

Today researches talk about two different types of empathy. The first type is affective empathy. Affective empathy means when someone feels sad. But when you see them sad you respond in your own way by go and help them or cheer them up.

Type two empathy which is cognitive. Cognitive means understating other peoples feelings and thoughts

News Report

On March the 23rd an incident happened in Queensland Australia, when a Skydiving trip went horribly wrong, claiming the lives of 5 people, including two kiwis. Rahi Hohua and Joey King, a  family of 7.

At the start of take off Cessna 206 had very low altitude when it took off, the engine stalled and the plane plummeted into the ground then bursted into flames.

When the plane burst into flames their bodies were very, badly burnt. This was Joey’s last  facebook status, “So I woke up this morning nervous, about the skydiving today. I'm about to conquer my greatest fear. I love everyone lol” That was his final words

Friday, March 14, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Bio Poem

Naughty Gamer, Sporty Fast and Lazy
Child of Billy and Caroline
Who loves Playing Video Games
Who hates Hackers
Who wants to go Australia
Who wishes he could’ve met H20 Delirous BasicallyIDoWrk I AM WILDCAT The Terroriser and Lui Calibre.
Who is scared of Sharks and Snakes
Who dreams to be a Multi Millionare
Who is determined to be Rich
Who most fears Sharks
Who has been too Australia.
Who wants to go back to Australia
Who values meeting all of my family
Who is proud of My brother
Resident of Pt England