Monday, December 2, 2013


One day there were 4 people the Mum, Dad, Brother (Isaiah) and little Brother (Moses). They all lived in one house.

All 4 of them were asleep Moses woke up and went into Mum and Dads bedroom. Moses went to wake up his parents and he said “Mum and Dad wake up I have a feeling that something is going to happen”.
Mum was the only one that woke up, Dad was fast asleep. Mum went into the bathroom to go have a wash. When she was finished Mum asked Moses “What is wrong Moses, I know what happen you got a nightmare”. “Nope” says Moses “what then” Mum replied “It feel’s like something is going to happen”.  “OK just stay with us for a little while”. “Alright mum”. 10 minutes later it starts raining hard.

The house was rising up and up. Everyone woke up and ran into the spare room where the Attic was. Dad was the tallest one there he got a coffee table and put it under the hole. He lifted up Moses first, then Isaiah and then Mum. Dad had to lift up himself. Then they all were up in the attic. Afterwards all of them squeezed in like a group to keep themselves warm.

Next day it was sunny and the flood rises down a little bit. They hop down and went outside there were house smashed together trees down cars floating on the surface.

They waited until the flood was gone and the whole community rebuilt schools and houses. When the community was rebuilt. Everyone lived happily ever after