Friday, May 25, 2012


Write a letter to a powerful president who solves crimes. Once upon a time there lived a president that like to solve crimes like If people go thief something like jewelry clothes and drugs my president's name is could John F Kennedy he lives in united states of america. My president he found a crime on waddell ave while he was solving the crime then saw this person running away from the president then he ran and then ankle tap him then he started to cry like a baby so the president had to say sorry to the person.
Write a letter to a nerdy circus performer who ignores orchestras. There was a nerdy circus performer who likes to ignore orchestras, the nerdy circus performer lives in a circus he likes to perform like a nerd but he is very brainy his name is Iisa he never smiles I think he doesn't like to smile because when he was young people keep on teasing thats why he never smiles but also he is a boy when he gets teased he starts to get angry then turns into hulk. Hulk is a very angry person and green if anyone teas him he likes to get green and likes to be hulk but he still kind even though he is a nerd he still a cool person. Iisa is a circus performer but when he made it the semi final he started to smile a the crowd then the evil witch turned him into a bad person called johnny Knoxville. Then he did silly things like pull their pants down a girls started to say ew but someone named Superman he is a wild beast he lives in a desert he got trained from his master could Muscle man the wildebeest is a anubis gods. so the nerd said to the wildebeest can you turn me back to myself and take hulk away from me so the wildebeest then the wildebeest gave him the spirit to turn into himself again.
Write a brief story of a sunburned vampire who discovers a talking frog Once upon a time there was a sunburned vampire who discovered a talking frog when he was a trying to look for the talking frog he wrote a brief biography. When discovered the talking frog he thought he was a talking grasshopper. While he wrote the brief biography he wrote talking if you get this I live in a mansion in Waddell Ave. My mansion is haunted it is black it has a mustache it is a wonderful haunted house. The talking frog lived in a Skyscraper. One night while the Vampire was flying home he saw a frog talking on the phone. How can that be he thought. He flew closer and he flew straight through the window. So the vampire said to the talking frog you can’t talk then the frog replied yes I can because a evil witch turned me into the talking frog when I was 18 years old. Can save me Vampire so I can go back to being a prince again and I will give you blood. Then the vampire turned him back into a prince with his magic powers so the talking frog became a evil spirit instead of a prince. When became a evil spirit he was in hell we dead people go to. THE END!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

What is Abstract Art

Abstract artist changed the world, they broke away from the normal idea of art. They were rebels.

Artists care about their processed of painting, their textures and crazy colors. They had paid  attention to their shapes & colours.

Abstract paintings are different designs shapes and colours they are not real objects. They were harder to understand and people  actually they didn't know

Abstract art allows the audience to experience their creation. To open up and feel designs

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This guy is a japanese Hikakin Beatbox he does the Super Mario bros. He is really cool but he must practice alot because he must put effort in his beatboxing I wish I could do that.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today, 14 may 2012 I went to Mount Wellington Taekwon-do Academy. When we go inside we have to bow before entiring the

Our instroutor who's name is Damon  is a black belt he is a 1st dan. Then we had to sparring practice.

We learn't how to punch, jab and cross kick side piercing kick and turning kick. Instanly we did line work.

Rhymes with ...ick

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I made this movie for fun because our music teacher said but it was preety cool it's just a picture and some music I hope you enjoy my out standing movie.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glenn Innes pools

Filled with anticipation, we walked together to the pool. Smelling all that chlorine made me want to go for a swim. Pushing and shoving to go to the showers, I was in a rush. Hopping in the pool was cold but I felt lucky that  I had brought my togs today.

Our First day of swimming I didn't bring my togs. So I had to sit and watch other people swim I was kind of jealous. But on the second day I had remembered and I was proud of myself. Kicking and breathing my legs went splash and splash.

There wasn't anything to learn but just keep on doing the same thing all over again. At the end you get a treat - it is called breathing competition. We see who can swim the furthest and I came 1st.  Jordenne came second.

Freestyling through the water I was like Flash. Listening to the instructor, I slowed down. I was swimming doggy paddle because the teacher had said you can do anything. You can lie on your side, go on your back, or doggy paddle

Swimming was lots of fun. I learnt how to kick properly with legs straight, arms up on the board and fast kicks. That's all we did. Kicking my legs, I felt tired.

The day was EXHAUSTING!! As we walked back to school I felt really tired but I still had fun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


London is the most popular city in the world. Big Ben is the tallest building in their city. The people a videoing the sunset rising.

My tissue flower

Making a petal out of tissue paper, started to get gluey.
With great difficulty the tissue paper all over the floor created chaos.
Sticky icky the glue went onto my hands.
As my artwork dried, carefully I had to paint over it.