Friday, February 11, 2011

Netbook Day

WOW! i'snt a amazing to get our own netbook. I am exicted to get one. Are you happy for your netbook? Well I am, it is amazing. I've just got mine today from Mr and Mrs Burt. We had to listen to instructions. We had to listen really carefully.


  1. Hi Sebastian,
    I like your comment about when you were getting your netbook Sebastian.How aswome was it to get your netbook.

  2. Hi Sebastian, you did a fantastic at running.Did you enjoy your Netbook.I like your story.

  3. Hi Sebastian! I am Sarah Nell York! I got to University of South Alabama! Have you ever heard of that? It's a college in Mobile, AL in the United States! It's awesome to see you blogging! It's so great! keep up the good blogging! How is the netbook? Do you still love it?

  4. Hi Sebastian,

    My name is Rachel Saucier, and I also go to the University of South Alabama. I am so excited to hear that you got a netbook! I have a netbook aswell. I have had my netbook for a little over a year now and love it! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. I enjoyed reading your blog, I really like how you have personalized it. Do you enjoy blogging?

  5. thanks for been on my work i want to go University.

  6. Hello Sebastian,
    I am also a a student at South; it's really great that you received your notebook! it will really be a great experience for you and i hope you enjou it!

  7. Hi Sebastian,
    hope your enjoying you new netbook. I see you've been busy blogging, hope you continue doing so and look forward to reading new ones. Am soooo proud of you.

    Love Mum :) xoxo


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