Friday, June 29, 2012

Fortunately our harmless spider had a good home, then we busted it. Why did we bust it? Because the walls in our classroom are getting changed in the holidays. Now the spider got angry at us and started to look for another home. But he has no idea where he should live because there is no place to live for the harmless spider.

The spider is black and big, I think it might be a white tail, I hope some white tails are harmless. The poor spider, so angry he won’t look at us anymore.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On Sunday the 2nd of June I went to the mini kids tournament which was Taekwon-do It was in Otara. The tournament was fun but we had to do patterns power punching flying high kick and sparring.

When we did patterns we had to perform Saju Jirugi or Saju Makgi, Saju Jirugi means 4 directional punch and Saju Makgi means 4 directional block.In my patternes I came last. After we did our patterns we did power punch in power punch you have to hit the pad as hard as you can.

In power punch I came 5th but heaps of people came like 3rd 2nd and 1st but the people like yellow belts green belts blue belts red belts and the black belts, the black belts were the officials that control the fight like a referee. After we did power punch we had did sparring In sparring I came 4 but I beat this green belt but he was pretty easy.

When we did sparring one of my best friend was a black belt and he was a official and my other friend was a red belt I didn’t know why he was a official the black belt’s name was Mr Damon Williams and the red belts name was Mr Andrew Moore.

In sparring it was hard but when I was sparring a girl she won against me because she didn't have technique but she won In sparring but I won in technique. In the middle of all the activities we ate lunch I did not drink water I drank V drink.

Sparring was fun but we had to change to the other activity which was Flying High KICK!! in flying high kick I carved up I came 3rd I came 3rd because I wanted to go last so other people can lose that's why I went last, the 2nd and 1st people were red belts.

This is what I learned at the tournament!!

International taekwon-do
Theory to learn

Training Area-Do jang
uniform-do bok

Techniques you will learn

Stances a. Attention stance and bow
          parallel stance, parallel ready stance
          Walking stance, walking ready stance

Blocks a. Forearm low block
         Knife Hand low block
         Inner forearm side block
         front rising kick

Attacks a. Forefist front punch [high,middle and low]
          Front snap kick

Exercises a. Four direction punch
            Four direction block

The Founder of taekwon-do is General choi Hong hi
General Choi Hong Hi was born in 1918 and he died in 2002

Meaning of the white belt

White stands for innocence, like a beginning student who knows nothing about taekwon-do. Each belt colour has a special meaning, which you need to learn.

Tenets of taekwon-do

Courtesy [being polite]
integrity [being honest]
perseverance [keeping going even when it gets hard
self control [keeping in control of yourself
indomitable spirit [doing something because you know it is the right thing to do even if it isn't easy]

The student oath
I shall observe the tenets of taekwon-do
I shall respect the instructor and seniors
I shall never misuse taekwon-do
I shall be a champion of freedom and justice
I shall build more peaceful world

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I worked hard to finish off my painting. I actually didn't listen well to instructions, so I don’t like my painting. The hardest was blending the colours with water.

I am not looking forward to doing this again, but I will try to blend my colors better and follow all instructions.