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Waitangi Day

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Waitangi Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Suddenly One morning my brother woke me up for Waitangi day. I was surprised. We had to do our chores for the morning. Later on we did some homework. After our homework we went to Swimarama with my family. We all had barbeque. Seeking around I saw two of my friends there It was Joseph and Sonny we all went up the hyda slide, suddenly I got nervous so I sited down then Joseph and Sonny pushed me into the slide then I went BOOSTING!!.I saw the lifeguard opening the diving boards I rushed to get there, by the time I got there it was packed so I just lined up for a turn I was being patient until it was my turn I looked at the diving boards It was 6.0M and the deepness of the pool was 4.0 M. I climbed  up the ladders then ran and jumped off the diving board.

Just when Swimarama was closing we bombed of the side then we rushed to the changing  rooms to get changed. When I finished getting changed we went home.