Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mangere Pools

Going to Mangere Pools with a smile on my face. I just wanted to go for a swim but we had to listen to the rules for the pool there was no bombing in the pool and nobody hope on anyone’s shoulder.

We had to get change in the changing room then we had to sit down In our group lines whoever is first get’s to go in the pool first. Once the slide and this little bombing opened we ran as fast as we can then we dived in the pool. The whole day we were just bombing. When we were bombing the lifeguard opened the diving boards.

We were just going hard out. We did gorillas, Coffins, V-bomb and Staples we werent allowed to run then jump.

Taekwon-do Part 2

Being in a actual tournament can be quite nerve racking. Sometimes people get scared at the beginning, but once you get in the ring you gain courage. Sparring can be nervous because they might hit you hard, but when they hit you you start to get use to it

My first tournament was nervous but once I got in the ring I said in my head “breathe” and I just started to gain courage. Tournament’s a nerve racking because you have no idea who a the other people.

I have medals from my first tournament Gold was in Sparring Silver in Patterns and Bronze for flying high kick. I've got all of the medals

Monday, April 8, 2013


Taekwon-do is all about showing disapline. There are different stations like sparring, patterns,flying high kick and many other speciality. Patterns teach you how to control yourself. Sparring just helps you to control your power.

Flying high kick is all about jumping and kicking at the same time. The more experience you have you can do other things like helicopter kick, Flying turning ,Flying rising  kick and flying back kick