Thursday, February 27, 2014


Empathy is a word that can explain someones feelings and putting yourself in their shoes. If someone is feeling lonely go up to him or her and ask, “hey do you wanna come play with us?”That’s what empathy might sound like if it was happening at our school.

On the playground or on the field, someone might be bullying you, this could make you feel unsafe. If someone came to help you, you would feel safe and grateful that someone cared.

When someone is feeling down go and put yourself in their shoes.

It is important that people show empathy because everyone can be happy, safe, care and everyone that can be


  1. Hey Sebastian,

    I think your writing about empathy is very informative and interesting.

    Keep the great work up.

  2. Nice job Sebastian, I think you're right - if everyone is empathetic we would all be happier in our schools and communities.
    Mrs Nua


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