Thursday, April 3, 2014

News Report

During the weekends there was a misunderstanding, the weather was ridiculous crazy. Family were anxious, windows closed and doors shut.
Warning a huge cyclone is going to hit Sandy Bay and it might make a tsunami , families stay seated and don’t go out of your doors and make sure your kids are safe, because the cyclone is going to deconstruct homes, wreck land and slaughter people.

If you're thinking where the cyclone lusi came from ?, well apparently it started in the pacific ocean.


  1. Sebastian,
    This cyclone sounds so scary! I'm from Hawaii, so we have a lot of tsunami warnings, but I've never had a cyclone warning. To be honest, I'm not even sure what a cyclone is. I hope you guys are staying safe!

  2. Sup Sebastian

    I was a little frighten of how explained that there was a cyclone swirling around new zealand. What is a cyclone ? . Keep it up with the news reporter thing


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