Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guitar lessons

On Saturday 24th of March I stayed home with my friend Charlie, my dad, my music teacher
and myself.

My music teacher taught me how to play a song called, I'll be missing you by Puff Daddy, because I'm geting better at guitar.

My music teacher comes over to my house to teach me how to read music, play music and play songs. My lessons go for an hour 2:40pm to 3:40pm.

At the momment music is hard but it is lots of fun.


  1. Another little secret you're hiding from us Sebastian! Will you play for us sometime? You are so lucky to learn to play the guitar. My mum tried to teach me to play the piano - but I really was rubbish. I wish I could play the guitar. How many cords do you know now?

    I love your piece of writing. I am looking forward to another story and coment from you next time.

    See yah


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