Friday, February 14, 2014

Juctice League - Injuctice

Once upon a time there lived a team named Justice League. In their League is Batman, Flash, Super Man, Green Lantern , Green Arrow, Cyborg, Wonder Woman , Aqua Man , Lex Luthor, Ares, Hawk Girl, Shazam and The Joker.

One day Joker was planning to nuke the whole world. Joker had plan this with his back up partner Harley Quinn. While Joker was planning to nuke the world, Justice League were fighting the insurgency the duplicated Justice League. Joker was about to set the nuke off but the Justice League the good one all looked at him and started to sprint at him. After they got near the Justice League sent them to another dimension.
When the League sent them to another dimension Joker and Batman had a fight. When they were fighting Joker quickly ran to the detonator to detonate the nuke but he couldn't cause he was in another dimension.



  1. I like your writing. That game is awesome

  2. HI Seb I like ur writing about injustice did you play it on ps3.


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