Friday, May 25, 2012

Write a letter to a nerdy circus performer who ignores orchestras. There was a nerdy circus performer who likes to ignore orchestras, the nerdy circus performer lives in a circus he likes to perform like a nerd but he is very brainy his name is Iisa he never smiles I think he doesn't like to smile because when he was young people keep on teasing thats why he never smiles but also he is a boy when he gets teased he starts to get angry then turns into hulk. Hulk is a very angry person and green if anyone teas him he likes to get green and likes to be hulk but he still kind even though he is a nerd he still a cool person. Iisa is a circus performer but when he made it the semi final he started to smile a the crowd then the evil witch turned him into a bad person called johnny Knoxville. Then he did silly things like pull their pants down a girls started to say ew but someone named Superman he is a wild beast he lives in a desert he got trained from his master could Muscle man the wildebeest is a anubis gods. so the nerd said to the wildebeest can you turn me back to myself and take hulk away from me so the wildebeest then the wildebeest gave him the spirit to turn into himself again.

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  1. Wow! 2 stories in one day. I think you're on a roll Sebastian! Great stuff!


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