Friday, October 19, 2012

Ninja VS Clown

After a good afternoon of trick or treating my brother and I were counting the lollies. We had 100.

As my brother snatched the bucket of lollies and I said “Hey!! those are mine you greedy clown”. So I snatched the bucket of lollies and my brother called  me a selfish Ninja.

So mum came and said “Hey you boys cut it OUT!!!  both of you go to your room NOW!!”. “Yes mum” I said.  So we both walked to our rooms stomping up the stairs.

Then my brother said “Hey lets solve the problem by telling mum we said sorry to each other”. So we walked down stairs and me and my brother said “mum, we said sorry”. Mum looked at us “OK boys half the lollies each.’ So we did 100-50=50 so we each got 50 lollies.

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