Friday, March 8, 2013


My number one goal this year is to be the master at Minecraft like Etho and CaptainSparklez. Sometimes everyday I bike up to my friends house his name is Zyrin he is better than me at that game because he’s play’s it everyday, he is a FREAK!! at that game, He only likes playing with me and his brother Charlie and his other friend Stevie. One time we found this massive as cave then we saw zombies (with armor), creepers (a like TNT’s) and skeletons (with bow arrows) so I jumped down with a stone sword and I killed the zombie and the creeper but not the skeletons because there was too much and they were to clever so I just spawned in the middle of the ocean.

One thing about this game I don’t like is I keep on staying up all night and playing. Also I don’t like when it lags.

I like Minecraft cause of the mobs in the cave because, if I see them I kill him.

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