Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Man Lost in a Cave

Once upon a time there was a guy that live in antarctica he had travelled far away from his home. His name was Lee. He had special equipment he had a M14 Bowie Knife tomahawk Torch and a Steak and Cheese Pie which was burnt.

While he was walking one day he tripped up and landed in a cave. In their cave were skeletons bats and Penguins. Lee had grab his M14 and shot the Penguins to death and the bats. When he was in the cave he needed to eat so he ate his Steak and Cheese Pie. He did not like his Steak and Cheese. He went along way in the cave and he had know idea where he was so he just use his torch to make light.

When he was in the cave he found light then he quickly ran there as fast as lighting. When he was running he got to the light and saw a helicopter and he signaled the helicopter by using his torch then the helicopter came down then was glad that he survived. The people that were in the helicopter were scientist.

Then Lee caught a ride with them back to his house. The Scientist gave him some more food which was burger and a steak.

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  1. I like your story Sebastian. I prefer mince and cheese to steak and cheese. I think your goal for writing should be to have a variety of sentence beginnings instead of using 'when', 'then' or 'he' so much.


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