Friday, November 1, 2013

Zombie Invader (Airport)

Once upon a time there lived 3 men their names were Tame Taniela and Calvin.

They had waited hours at the airport for their flight to Australia. The announcer calls out flight 1 to Australia is delayed by 1 hour. Calvin had said “hey Tame and Taniela the announcer called our flight number out we have to wait another hour”. “Awww man!!” replied Tame and Taniela at the same time. Tame Taniela and Calvin suddenly both went to sleep they woke up and saw the airport on fire all of them got up and grabbed their bags and ran 2ks. Tame was not breathing properly so he said “Taniela and Calvin stop I can’t breathe properly”. Taniela called out “Calvin stop Tame is not breathing properly”. Calvin stopped and went back to Tame and Taniela. “Hey look Tame there is a fountain” Tame ran as fast as he can. When he was drinking the water he finally realised that it was blood he spat the blood back out “YUUUUUK!! why didn't you tell me that it was blood Calvin” “How am I supposed to know it was blood” replied Calvin, Taniela said “aaarrrggghhh guys there a zombies” “NOT” said Calvin “yep there a heaps” said tame.

“Noooo there zombies inside anyone got a “knife”, “yes I do its in my bag” said Tame “pass me it Tame” say Calvin in a sneaky voice. Then off went Calvin killing zombies. While Calvin was killing zombies, Tame and Taniela were getting food, weapons and resources. When Calvin came back he had blood all over him. Calvin pointed a gun at Tame and Taniela. “You guys a dead” said Calvin in a moody voice. Tame asked Taniela “do you have something that I can use to distract him”?, “Yes I do” whispered Taniela “Pass me it” Taniela sneaked out a rock and passed it over to Tame. Then Tame through the rock at his eye and he ran and tackled him to the ground hard so Calvin could get winded. Tame punched him in the face heaps of times until he got knocked out. When Calvin got knocked out Tame and Taniela ran outside.

Unfortunately a plane comes out of no where and go’s rescue Tame and Taniela they hopped in the plane and the pilot took off in the sky.

Tame and Taniela lived safe

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