Friday, February 14, 2014

My personal Goals - 2014

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My Personal Goals - 2014  Date : 13/2/14
My achievement I was most proud of  last year  in the classroom was Getting too play Minecraft in the classroom because we earned it by earning trust from teachers

The thing I was most proud of last year outside of the classroom was …  
Playing lots of sport like Taekwon-Do, Rugby, Rugby League and Touch.

In reading my learning goal is to ….
Comprehend after reading a book.

To achieve this goal I need to ….
Focus no distractions but just learn

In writing  my goal is to
Use punctuation often.

To achieve this goal I need to
... read books
In Maths my goal is to…
have heaps of knowledge so I can use it for strategys

The learning area I think I need to improve in most is

In my learning my goal this term is to  show ‘Caring’  ... Caring for little kids that are feeling sad and that are feeling lonely

My goal for this year around the classroom is to (behaviour/self management) Not getting in trouble and also staying in thee right place at the right time with the right attidude

My goal for this year around the school is to listen to the teacher and not talking to friends

My parents goal for me this Term is Try hard at school.

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