Monday, April 14, 2014

Using "Speech Marks" and "Commas"

Add commas where needed to the following sentences.

1. Mark had chocolate milk, ham sandwiches, crunchie bars, a pie and ice cream for lunch.

2. “ I’m sure I won’t get fat, “ he told his mum.

3. Dan, was a great rugby player and a good sport.

4. Kyana loved practising her poi skills, carrying her poi with her constantly.

5. “ Sione “  said his mother  “Go and help your father with the dishes.”

6. I love to go to the beach, and collect shells.

7. My favourite foods are chocolate, ice cream, salt and vinegar, chips and chocolate mousse.


Put speech marks in the following sentences where needed.

1. Isara, come and help me, Sina said.

2. Cruz walked in to the classroom and called out to his mate, “Can I borrow a pencil?”

3. “The Mystics are going to win”, said Mrs Nua.

4. In the novel The Great Gatenby, by John Marsden, the main character Erle Gatenby says, “I’m cooler than a naked polar bear”.

5. “Get that dog away from me,” yelled Casey.  “It’s going to bite me!”

6. “I like the seaside, I grew up there”

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  1. Nice work Sebastian, I like the way you used heaps of commas and speech marks. You will move up in your writing levels. Keep it up!!!!!


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