Friday, May 25, 2012

Write a brief story of a sunburned vampire who discovers a talking frog Once upon a time there was a sunburned vampire who discovered a talking frog when he was a trying to look for the talking frog he wrote a brief biography. When discovered the talking frog he thought he was a talking grasshopper. While he wrote the brief biography he wrote talking if you get this I live in a mansion in Waddell Ave. My mansion is haunted it is black it has a mustache it is a wonderful haunted house. The talking frog lived in a Skyscraper. One night while the Vampire was flying home he saw a frog talking on the phone. How can that be he thought. He flew closer and he flew straight through the window. So the vampire said to the talking frog you can’t talk then the frog replied yes I can because a evil witch turned me into the talking frog when I was 18 years old. Can save me Vampire so I can go back to being a prince again and I will give you blood. Then the vampire turned him back into a prince with his magic powers so the talking frog became a evil spirit instead of a prince. When became a evil spirit he was in hell we dead people go to. THE END!!

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