Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glenn Innes pools

Filled with anticipation, we walked together to the pool. Smelling all that chlorine made me want to go for a swim. Pushing and shoving to go to the showers, I was in a rush. Hopping in the pool was cold but I felt lucky that  I had brought my togs today.

Our First day of swimming I didn't bring my togs. So I had to sit and watch other people swim I was kind of jealous. But on the second day I had remembered and I was proud of myself. Kicking and breathing my legs went splash and splash.

There wasn't anything to learn but just keep on doing the same thing all over again. At the end you get a treat - it is called breathing competition. We see who can swim the furthest and I came 1st.  Jordenne came second.

Freestyling through the water I was like Flash. Listening to the instructor, I slowed down. I was swimming doggy paddle because the teacher had said you can do anything. You can lie on your side, go on your back, or doggy paddle

Swimming was lots of fun. I learnt how to kick properly with legs straight, arms up on the board and fast kicks. That's all we did. Kicking my legs, I felt tired.

The day was EXHAUSTING!! As we walked back to school I felt really tired but I still had fun.

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