Friday, August 16, 2013

Goldilocks and The Three Bear's

Once upon a time there lived Goldilocks Three bears and a beaver family. A bright sunny day in large forest near a cottage lived a Baby Bear that was a bully and always up to mischief, There is a Mother Bear that was good at making pudding and always made friends and there is a Father Bear that was respectful also there were Beavers that were always busy.  

One day Goldilocks walked to the Bears house she knocked on the door and no one answered the door. She looked through the window and Goldilocks said “Where is everybody”. Then she sneaked inside the kitchen and ate some of baby bears pudding. Then Goldilocks was wondering around and she went up stairs and went in the bears room, Goldilocks sat on baby bear's chair and she broke it and she felt tired so she fell asleep. When Goldilocks was sleeping the three bears were on their way home. The three bears went inside and went in the kitchen and they wondered who ate all of baby bear's porridge they walked upstairs and they found that baby bear’s chair was broken and they saw Goldilocks sleeping in baby bear's bed.

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