Thursday, February 10, 2011

My New Netbook

Is nt it awsome to get a new netbook? Well I am, and im going to take charge of it.I cant wait to get one. I am going to be responsible so i can take it home. I can hardly wait because I want to be able to use my password. when we get our netbook from Mr and Mrs Burt I want to start blogging straight away. We might be able to go surfing on the internet and play games, but if the internet wont work we cant go to play the games. Tomorrow is not going to be cool when we get our netbooks, Nahhhhh just joking its going to be cool when we get our netbooks, Man! its going to be awsome to get our new netbooks.


  1. SHOT SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU THE MAN!!!

    YOUR DAD..

  2. Great job Sebastian! Your first post from home, I love it.
    I'm glad that you said you were joking - I was starting to get worried!
    14hours until we get to open those boxes! I can't wait!
    Miss King


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