Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cross Country

“Feeling my heart beating so fast I started to get nervous when it was Cross Country”

Why oh why, why do we have to run all this way why can’t the teachers run. The Teachers are so mean! Legs twitching, Having goosebumps all over my body I just wanted to stay.

While I was nervously waiting, Mr Marks called out “All of the year 5 boys - Run.” I was running. feet pounding on the ground. I whispered to myself  - “Can I do another lap? YES! I can!” I shouted. Slowing down I started to walk. However seeing all of my friends in front of me, I started to sprint to catch up.

YES!! finally I finished that run it was so long. Huffing and puffing I was so thirsty, I had a drink of water. Giggling and laughing and talking to my friends.

Mr Marks blew his whistle.  Time to stretch our legs and arms.

After that run I felt fitter, next time I should just focus just on me.

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