Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Last week on Saturday I had to wake up around like 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. When I woke up my eyes were just turning into teary eyes so my parents just let me sleep into 6:30, then I felt way better.

Waking up watching the sunset I got out of bed went for shower then put my moisturizer on, then get changed into my TaeKwon-do gears.

My parents and I were on a rush, packing our bags for lunch we packed sandwiches chips drinks and biscuits.

And off we went to my regional (tournament).Stopping at Glenn Innes at the gas station we had to put gas in because we didn’t have enough of petrol in the car, While we were waiting for the gas to get in my mum bought me a hot chocolate when I tasted it was too sugary for me.  

Stopped at Mahurangi College at walk warth. Walking inside I had to bow before entering the Dojo so I walked inside and I see yellow belts green belts blue belts red belts and this the belt I want the most out of all of the belts black belts. But I am only a white belt which means just a beginner.

Seeing all of tamaki people I was surprised. Hearing this guy saying form up then I ran quickly to my Dojang which means (training area).

My first activity was patterns I did alright but I got no medals.

And my second activity was sparring in sparring I came first and I got gold medal when I got a gold medal I was so happy I was showing the Tamaki club my gold medal.

My Third one was Team patterns we did good but our team got silver because one of my team mate called Sam he did it wrong, he didn't do it properly because we did this stagger.

My 4th one was speciality which is Power Punch and Flying high kick I don’t know for sure how high I kicked I think like 1.8 or 2 meters my medal was bronze. In Power Punch I came 4th which means I didn’t get any medals

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