Monday, August 6, 2012

“Getting up in the morning I was so lazy, I was moaning about going back to sleep but my dad was forcing me to go school but it is for my own good”

When I had got up I didn’t want to wake up because I stayed up too late watching a movie called Brave, I was so lazy when I got up. After doing my lunch and have breakfast I had to brush my teeth. And off I went to school walking to school I met my friends at the shop there names were Leka and Henry they are both my friends. Crossing at the pedestrian crossing, passing the Kindergarten I see little kids playing and I see the red fence and I started to rush to the red fence and there I go hunting for rm13 I got into Room 13 everyone was on the computer so I just went on my netbook.

Ring Ring the bell rang

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  1. You have described your morning very well Sebastian. How true that you do indeed come straight in and on to your netbook. Of course you are doing lots of work - not playing games at all!
    I hope you go to bed early tonight!


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