Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3 up 3 down

Guess what? My dad taught me how to play this card game. This game is called 3 up 3 down. I know this card game is very old. My dad told me the best card are A’s 10 2 and 7. A’s is the highest number if no one has a higher number they have to pick up the cards, but you can still use 10 2 and 7 because they a the ones you can only stop the A’s.

The card 10 is for canceling out or the cards this card you have to use it wisely because if you don’t your just gonna lose. SO USE IT WISELY!!

2 is for just starting the game all of again, I don’t know why it’s such a good card?

The card 7 is very very good so use that wisely to. 7 is good because if people have higher cards than the 7 they can’t put it down, you a only allowed to go below the card number like 6,5,4,3,2,.

My strategy for this game is try and put down your low card or if they put down a high number like King try and put down your high card. If you have 2 have the same cards you can put them down.

My other strategy is try and put down heaps of cards down and then cancel all of the cards with the 10

How to deal it you have to put 3 cards down and 3 cards up they have to lie on each other and both get 3 cards each, and put the rest of the cards in the middle then flip one card

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  1. Hello from Mobile, Alabama straight out of the USA! My friends and I LOVE card games and play, normally, every weekend. We play a game similar to the one you were explaining, except we don't use the card 7 rule. Personally I think we may need to try it! We're always looking for different card games to play so if you know any more let me know, we would love to give them a try!


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