Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ninja mouse has black fur with yellow eyes. He works for a company could mouse and black,he has a partner called Agent M. Ninja mouse is trying to discover the lost cheese of Lerat. The gold plated valuable cheese.

Ninja mouse has a GPS he is going to have a long journey. The mouse is going to use a jet named Star Scream. No one can defeat ninja mouse with all his ninja equipment like Samurai swords ninja stevs grapple hook fake hands darts and spears. Ninja mouse is going to Italy where it has lots of cheese.

The star scream safely land at the airport of italy they now have got off. They called a taxi and went to this house where it has the cheese. The cat was patrolling the cheese

They saw the house then Agent M got stuck outside. Ninja mouse opened up the door quiet then he saw the cheese. He grabbed out his ninja equipment and threw darts at the cat.Then his partner turned into a zombie because this nova gas came falling down from the sky It was Lerat. Agent M is now a zombie.

Ninja mouse had no choice but to kill Agent M, ninja mouse grabbed his ninja equipment then he chopped Agent M’s head off.

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